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It is 2020.


Photos taken here and there.
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In the 72 hours leading up to Super Tuesday three of the leading 2020 Democratic presidential candidates made their way through Los Angeles, vying for the huge number of California’s delegates.(20 images)

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Erbil, Iraq

Saddam Hussein fell from power in 2003. Thanks to the relative stability in the north of the country, there was a surge of economic investment and construction in Iraqi Kurdistan. The capital city, Erbil, was dubbed “the next Dubai.”

But in 2014 ISIS advanced into Mosul – an hour’s drive west. Development screeched to a halt.

When I was in Erbil in 2016, the horizon beyond the still-bustling city center was littered with the skeletons of abandoned construction sites. Most were occupied by “internally displaced persons” (IDPs), an uncomfortably bureaucratic term for people uprooted by war in their own country.

I was in Erbil to produce a fundraising video for the United Nations’ Internally Displaced Person’s Information Center (Iraq IIC). This humble call center was crammed inside a converted shipping container on the UN compound. With a staff of 11 it connected IDPs to resources like cash, shelter, health care, information about legal assistance, escape routes from conflict, and methods for finding missing persons.

In this unremarkable office space, phone operators listened to stories of unimaginable but routine human suffering.
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